A shop, born out of necessity...

Have you ever been shopping and your feet are ready to fall off. You’re looking for a gift, you know in your mind what it is, but you can’t find it anywhere?

That’s the story of my life. Though I’m not the person looking for it. That’s my wife. I’m that guy waiting patiently outside the shop. Listening to comments of “I like that, but I don’t like that bit, I wish it was like this” Or “I want to get this gift for my sister, but I can’t find it anywhere” I’m the guy dutifully following the quest for perfect gift while looking longingly over at McDonald’s, wondering when the next food stop will come.

We were honoured when we were asked to be godparents and my wife had her mind set on the gift she wanted give. We walked miles. We visited different towns. She ‘kept an eye out’ on our holidays!

I looked around the other men. Wondering how many of them were also out on the fools errand. Looking for the gift that ‘has got to be in this last shop, I promise!’

The gift that didn’t exist!

And there it was, my lightbulb moment. We went for coffee.....Let’s make the gift ourselves. Personalised. Unique.

I had recently left the army and was looking for a way to spend more time at home with my growing family and so the idea to create personalised unique gifts for others was born.