The Ultimate Guide to Giving a Sympathy Gift

Understand the Timing

Gift etiquette is an important factor to keep in mind after someone loses a loved one. Be mindful when sending a gift and try to send it to them as soon as you hear about the news. This will show them how much you genuinely care about them and what they're going through. 

After sending the initial gift, you can then bring sympathy flowers to the funeral or service. Once some time has passed after the funeral, make sure to send one final gift to them to show them you still care and are thinking about them. A personalized and customized gift or sympathy basket will represent your love and support for them during this difficult time. 

Make It About Them

When deciding what to gift them, you need to ensure you make it about them. Try to avoid sending them a gift you'd want to receive and think about a gift they'd want to receive. Consider their own preferences, beliefs, and values before selecting the right gift for them. 

Come up with something that truly comes from the heart and shows you put a lot of thought and effort into it. Here are a few ideas to consider that show you are thinking of them.

A Memorial Frame

These memorial frames are made from thick acrylic glass and can stand alone. You can select any image you'd like to have displayed on the frame. Go through several photographs until you find one of their lost loved one that'll work well on the frame. 

If needed, then you can ask them to provide you with a photo of their loved one that they'd like you to use in a customized gift for them. Make sure to let them know you'll be giving it back to them unharmed. You can then add text of your choice to the frame as well.

These frames create a memorial for a deceased mother, father, grandparent, friend, or other family members.

A Pet Memorial Frame

The loss of a family pet causes grief just as the loss of any other family member would. When someone losses their pet, they lose not only a family member but their best friend. This is a difficult time for them and creating a pet memorial frame customized for their pet will bring joy to their heart during these sad times. 

You can add your own photo and text the same as when creating a memorial frame for a lost friend or family member. 

Infant Loss Gift

No one expects to lose their child. Children are meant to grow old and say goodbye to their parents long before they pass away themselves. When someone losses a child, it's a great loss and pain that can be difficult to console. 

An infant loss gift or a miscarriage gift with the name of the child, the date, and a sweet message can touch the hearts of those experiencing such grief. 

Military Memorial

Losing someone who fought in the military can be devastating. In some situations, they haven't seen their loved one in months or years and then receive the news of their passing. A fallen soldier is respected by all, and you can show your own respect with a military memorial

You can customize the memorial to add any image you'd like and text as well. 

Quote Memorial Gift

If you don't have access to a photo of your own to use, then there's no need to worry. You can still create a beautiful memorial gift without the use of a photo. A quote memorial gift can bring the same level of comfort to someone experiencing loss as one with a photo of their loved one would. 

What's most important is choosing a quote you believe would bring the most peace to them. 

Breast Cancer Gift

When someone loses a loved one to breast cancer, it can weigh on their minds for a lifetime. Why them? What caused them to develop this cancer? 

Could it have been prevented? Bring them some peace and comfort with a breast cancer gift. The breast cancer memorial gift can include a photo of their loved one and a quote about the battle they faced. 

Offer Gifts of Service

There are many great gift options to choose from when wanting to show someone you care. Aside from a physical gift, you can also consider offering gifts of service. When someone suffers a great loss, it can take time to get back into a routine. 

Offering to mow the lawn, collect groceries, and help around the house are all great ideas. If you're not sure what they need the most help with, then don't hesitate to ask them. 

Finding the Right Sympathy Gift Starts Here

You have sympathy for your friend or family member who's grieving, but how can you show it? Finding the right sympathy gift for them starts right here with this very guide. Use all of the helpful tips and ideas listed above to select a gift they'll keep close to their heart.

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