The Best Personalized Gifts For Both Bride and Groom to Gift Each Other

The wedding industry had a major setback in 2020, taking a £5.6 billion hit. Due to the health crisis and the party and gathering restrictions, many couples chose to delay their weddings or hold small ceremonies instead.

Despite the many limitations, couples still choose to get married. After all, nothing can stop two people from promising "ever-after" to each other.

Even without the current crisis, couples had a lot to go through before their wedding date. That’s why it's the perfect time to show your appreciation to your partner.

Looking for the right wedding gift? Show what you can’t put into words using the personalized gifts below. 

1. Doormat

It's a simple gift, but it's perfect for newly married couples. As the perfect addition to your marital home, it’s a nice symbol for entering a new life together and making a home with your future family. 

It can be as simple as putting your new or joined last names on it. You can also add your wedding date for a more romantic finish. 

A custom doormat makes your entryway look more welcome. Your visitors would appreciate this nice and thoughtful gift.

2. Glass Plaque

Want something more decorative? A glass plaque with your best couple picture is a good choice. 

It looks good with anything. It fits almost any kind of décor and theme in any room. Your spouse can even bring it to their office and remind themselves of your special day.

For some added sweetness, add in a quote, a message, or even your wedding vows. You can personalize it as much as you want. If not a wedding gift, it’s also a great idea for personalized anniversary gifts

3. Framed Vows

Speaking of vows, how about framing your vow and surprising your partner with it? It doesn’t have to be the entire vow. You can pick the part you and your partner like the most and hire someone to print and frame it.

You can even hire expert calligraphers to make it look more authentic. After all, handmade gifts carry more feelings than their manufactured counterparts.

It’s decorative as well, making any space feel homier. You can choose any font and frame to make it fit your theme.

4. Cutting Board

It's one of the most popular personalized wedding gifts and for a good reason. It’s useful, decorative, and thoughtful. It will look amazing in the kitchen of your marital home.

Cutting boards are a perfect choice if your partner likes cooking. Even if that’s not the case, it’s still a foolproof idea that your spouse will like for sure.

Personalized cutting boards come in different materials, such as wood and marble. Find a supplier to engrave your names, initials, and wedding date. These providers allow you to put anything, so don't hesitate.

5. Jewelry or Cufflinks

Personalized jewelry or cufflinks are also perfect personalized gift ideas. They’re another foolproof choice that can last for decades. They’re great as investment pieces as well.

A necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings are nicer with some customization. Put your initials and make it more romantic.

Cufflinks are a safe choice since every man needs at least one nice pair. Each cufflink can have different engravings. One has the couple’s initials while the other has the wedding date.

6. Travel Bag

Ensure your spouse travels in style with a chic, personalized travel bag. Choose a high-quality model—something that lasts for years to come. It's usable for your future travels, both as a married couple and as a family.

Bags are usually customizable with initials, names, and dates. Depending on your chosen provider, they can hand-paint, embroider, or foil the design.

Any bag will do, though. For example, the Christian Dior Book Tote is customizable. It’s something every fashionista will appreciate. 

7. Compass

For those who love to travel, a compass is one of the most unique and thoughtful personalized couple gifts. It’s a great way to tell your other half that you’ll always be with them regardless of their chosen direction.

A compass looks chic yet small enough to take with you everywhere. Many choose to put their initials inside the lid. Others put important engraved messages on the outside as well.

8. Watch

A high-quality timepiece can show your timeless love to your partner. Get a fancy model they can use for decades to come. 

You can put an engraving on the underside of the watch—a short message, initials, your names, or date and time. For leather watches, you can have a message (like your vows) engraved on the underside. If you want something fancier, get a professional to put engraving on the pocket watch design.

To make it extra cheesy, set the hands to the time you’re going to say “I do.” Give it before the wedding day so they’ll wear a special gift on your special day. If this is your plan, make sure it matches their outfit.

9. Bucket List Book

Every marriage needs an injection of fun and excitement. A bucket list book helps make you and your partner look forward to your upcoming adventure. 

Many bucket list books use a wooden cover, making them both more durable and stylish. When you choose this option, engraving your names and wedding date is the best.

You can put some things in or leave the pages blank. Unlike other personalized gifts, it involves both of you. Turn it into a fun activity wherein you map out your plans, bucket lists, hopes, and dreams together. 

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Personalized gifts are the perfect way to show you care about your partner. It has more impact, but you have to choose one that fits your spouse and your story together.

Are you planning to browse other personalized gift ideas? If you need help, contact us today.


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