Personalised Gifts: Everything You Need to Know

Did you know that 80% of relationship problems happen because of a misunderstanding over how each partner gives or receives love?

At least, that's what psychotherapist Stefani Goerlich says. To help his patients resolve their issues, he points them to the five love languages, a popular theory that has a simple message:

Each person has a love language, and learning your partner's love language will strengthen your relationship. (You can take the quiz to discover your love language here.)

But did you know that when you're looking for personalised gifts for your loved ones, the five love languages can point you in the right direction? 

Whether your loved one is a friend, family member, or significant other, they speak a certain love language. Choosing personalised gifts can be hard, but knowing the recipient's love language makes all the difference.

If you're on the hunt for the perfect personalised gift, read on for the best way to choose just the right gift for your loved ones.

Valuing Physical Touch through Personalised Gifts

If your loved one's love language is physical touch, it's probably obvious. Someone whose love language is physical touch craves hugs, kisses, and physical affection.

The good news? Personalised gifts are perfect for someone whose love language is physical touch. 

Here's why. Giving a personalised gift is a little like giving a hug. It's something your loved one can hold, something that's meant especially for them. 

Especially if your loved one is far away—for example, if you're in a long distance relationship—this can mean the world to someone whose love language is physical touch. 

If you know that your loved one values physical touch, personalise your gift with pictures of times when you were together. Choose pictures of hugs or kisses on cheeks.

If your loved one is far away, they will appreciate being reminded of your touch. If your loved one lives close to you, they will treasure the memory of times that you were close together.

Showcasing Quality Time

Does your loved one often reminisce about old times? Do they tend to remember details that you forgot long ago? 

If so, their love language might be quality time. For someone whose love language is quality time, undistracted time and attention is key. They will appreciate spending intentional, focused time together. 

When choosing a meaningful personalised gift for someone who appreciates quality time, find a gift that you can fill with pictures of times when you have done things together.

Remind your loved one of your weekend in Paris, your trip to the ocean, or the time you got caught in the rain in Seattle. 

Your loved one will value the memory of the time you spent together.

Weaving Words of Affirmation into Your Gift

Pictures will be a little less important for someone whose love language is words of affirmation.

That's because someone whose love language is words of affirmation appreciates encouragement, compliments, or just thoughtful words.

If that sounds like your loved one, look for a gift with lots of room for words. Fill that space with a meaningful poem or the lyrics to a song you both love.

If that doesn't sound right for your situation, try writing words of encouragement or compliments: I love your smile. Your hugs are the best. 

The gift should focus on the words, as opposed to an image that goes along with the words. 

Does your dad love words of affirmation? If so, maybe he would appreciate this kind of personalised gift on Father's Day: lots of room for words of affirmation, with less focus on an image.

Sending Acts of Service through the Mail

When someone's love language is acts of service, it can be hard to express love over long distances—especially in a way that has a personal touch.

Someone whose love language is acts of service feels most loved when they are served in some real, tangible way. In this case, pictures and cute poems aren't a great way to express love.

But that doesn't mean you shouldn't get him or her a personalised gift. Instead, personalise something useful, like this wallet. A useful gift will make the recipient feel loved, while a personal touch makes it unique.

Giving Gifts Thoughtfully

The last love language is receiving gifts, and at first glance, incorporating this love language into giving personalised gifts seems obvious.

But don't forget that someone whose love language is receiving gifts doesn't just want to receive any gift. Flowers and chocolates may be sweet, but they don't show thought and effort. 

Personalised gifts show your loved one that you thought about him or her when choosing a gift. By using your loved one's name, using pictures of the two of you, or inserting a meaningful quote, you make the gift unique.

You Know Your Loved One

Remember that you know your loved one better than anyone. You know whether they value physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, or receiving gifts. 

That's the beauty of giving a personalised gift. It doesn't just show that you care about the recipient, but that you really know them.

So don't be intimidated by the hunt for the perfect gift. No matter what your loved one's love language is, they will treasure the time and effort you spent in finding a unique and thoughtful gift. 

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