Personalised Family Gifts: A Complete Guide

What do you gift the person who has just about everything? Have you thought about giving personalised family gifts? 

When you give a personalised gift, you're saying to your loved one that you really understand them, and they're unique to them; no one will have a gift exactly like it!

Buying a personalised gift might be challenging, but there are endless options for birthdays, graduations, family gifts, and so on. If you're stumped on what gifts to buy for family members, here is a list of 10 personalised gifts to getting you started. 

1. Mugs

Are you always wondering who's mug belongs to who? With personalised mugs, you can always be sure that you have your mug and not your partner or children! 

Personalised mugs can look different for everyone with pictures, names, or anything unique to that person on the mug itself. While you don't have to have the same mugs, keeping a common theme of first initial, colour, or something similar will imply that they belong within a family.  

2. Cutting Board

For the cook in the family, a personalised cutting board is a great idea! From the shape to engraving, there's no end to possibilities of what you can do. 

Cutting boards are items that have continued use, so you can be sure that they won't stay locked in a cabinet. While they're wonderful practically speaking, they can also be beautiful serving trays or even displays for parties and gatherings if your family member loves hosting. 

3. Games or Puzzles

Playing a game together or putting together puzzles as a family solidifies the family bond and creates wonderful memories. And giving a game or puzzle that reflects the family's interest is likely to bring everyone together. 

Personalised puzzles with a picture of your family will help everyone recall and remember that memory, and you'll have fun piecing it together. You may even keep it together as a keepsake. Family games encourage sharing memories, icebreakers, or simply engaging in conversation in a way that's not always natural.

4. Family Print

Nothing is more personalised than family prints! However, there are more ways to give family prints than just a print in a frame. 

Nowadays, you can have a family portrait on a canvas to give it a natural feel, on a plaque for a desk, as a collage, a panel, and more. However, you gift a family portrait, be sure to do it in a way that's unique to the family. 

5. Growing Kit

Growing kits are kits that allow you to grow different types of plants, vegetables, or other greenery. They are typically grown indoors and take several days to sprout. 

This is a perfect gift for the family with children as it allows the children and the parent to water, watch, and wait together for the plants to grow. It's a great bonding experience as well as educational for all. 

6. Baking Kits

Another perfect gift for families that love to be in the kitchen together! Baking kits are extremely convenient as a family gift because all of the measuring, recipe, and materials are included for you. There's no shopping around, no recipe hunting, and so forth. 

Even throwing in personalised aprons to go with it can add a fun touch and be used in other baking endeavours and kitchen adventures.

7. Coat Rack

The family that hangs up coats together, stays together! For the family that needs some extra organization skills, or has a lot of family members, a hanging coat rack with the family name on it would be a welcomed gift. 

Not only does it serve an organisational purpose, but a decorative one as well. 

8. Movie Night Kit

What family doesn't enjoy watching movies together? In this gift, you'll put together a movie the whole family loves (or one they've never seen before!), snacks, pyjamas, and so forth. Literally, anything that you can think of that would make movie night the best can go in this kit!

You could have personalised popcorn, initialled shirts or pyjama pants, a notebook to take notes, or anything. If you'd rather go out, give movie tickets as a surprise!

9. Picnic Set

Families love to go on outings, but the cost can be a downfall if you have a big family. While having fun staying in is fun too, an occasional outing gives parents a break from working to keep everyone entertained!

A personalised picnic set complete with a blanket, plates, flatware, insulation, and so forth can be the perfect remedy for families who love outings. They can save money by packing their own lunch or snacks, and they have something practical and trendy to keep in. If it's easy to clean and store, even better!

10. S'mores Kit

Does your family love camping or just being outdoors, and do they love s'mores as well? Why not give them a simple way to create one of the best outdoor snacks possible!

In a s'mores kit, you can get each family member their own roasting stick (personalised, of course!) with storage. It can be used in your own backyard or packs easily for travelling. With a s'mores kit, there's no more finding and scraping sticks for marshmallows.

Personalised Family Gifts

These are some of the best-personalised family gifts and ideas that cover the scope of all different families. When choosing a gift, be sure that it speaks to that particular family with love. 

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