A Special Day: 8 Personalised Birthday Gifts

Finding the right birthday gift for loved ones that already have everything can be quite difficult. You may spend a lot of time and money buying a gift that ends up at the back of a closet or worse─ in a charity bin. This is why many people resort to giving cash or gift cards so that the birthday girl or boy can buy what they want.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Birthdays are a fun time to celebrate someone’s individuality and the joy that their presence brings to your world. You can easily show loved ones your appreciation for them by choosing personalised birthday gifts. 

Customised gifts hold a special place in our hearts because they were made especially for us and have our names or pictures on them. They are hard to regift due to the sentimental value that they hold. Keep reading for 8 great ideas for personalised birthday gifts that your loved one is sure to love.

1. Personalised Picture Frames

When it comes to personalised birthday gifts for best friends, you can’t go wrong with framed pictures. A best friend is someone you do the most memorable and crazy things with while taking photographic evidence of the moments.

For their upcoming birthday why not get your best friend a customised photo frame with your personalised message engraved on it. You can then print your favourite photo of them in the appropriate size and insert it into the frame.

2. Decorative Date Signs and Plaques

Another great idea for personalised gifts is date signs or plaques to commemorate a special birthday. If your loved one is celebrating a significant birthday such as their 18th, 21st or 50th birthday then a decorative date sign or plaque marking the occasion would be a great gift. 

Modern plaques are made from attractive materials such as stone, glass or metal. They also come in an endless array of designs, shapes and sizes that you can choose according to your taste. Personalise the gift by engraving an inside joke or personalised message on the plaque.

3. Photo Coasters

Photo coasters are lovely personalised birthday gifts for loved ones that are moving into a new home. They are also great wedding gifts as they can go into the couple’s new home.

Most photo coasters come in sets of four or six pieces. So all you have to do is print the required number of photos in the appropriate size and slip them into the coaster. 

Choose great photos of your loved one taken at memorable events such that the coasters draw a smile each time they are used. The coasters are a great conversation starter for any guests that visit as the photos will be a trip down memory lane. If you are on a budget but in need of a sentimental gift then photo coasters are the way to go.

4. DNA Testing Kits

DNA testing kits may be the best personalised birthday gifts for anyone interested in their family history. The companies selling this gift conduct a DNA test on the recipient. Then it gives them a report on their ancestry. 

Maybe they always thought they were only British but their report shows that they have Italian roots. Your loved one will need to register their details at the DNA company’s website and then post a swab of their cheeks to the company.

After about 2 to 4 weeks, they will receive a report showing them their ancestry. Knowing your genealogy is a great gift as it can help increase your loved one’s feelings of self-worth and belonging.

5. Family Gifts

If you need ideas for great personalised family gifts then consider buying a family tree chart for your favourite family. There are several designs that you can choose from but they all have spaces where you can fill in the names of the family.

Alternatively, you can give them the blank charts and they can fill them in as a family activity. Other great ideas for personalized family gifts include engraved or monogrammed photo frames. You can put a message that has a strong meaning for the family or list all the names of the family members.

6. Birthday or Anniversary Books

Birthdays and Anniversaries are special dates for your loved ones. Wouldn't it be interesting if they could have a record of noteworthy things that happened on their special day? Well, you can gift them a birthday book or anniversary book that has a record of interesting things that have happened on particular dates.

7. Personalised Jewellery

Jewellery is another great birthday gift idea, especially if your loved one likes wearing necklaces, bracelets, rings or cufflinks. You can get bracelets with a personalized message engraved on them. Other than messages or quotes you can also engrave names, numbers or even coordinates.

For necklaces, you can get the traditional locket with photos inside them or a necklace holding their name. You can find jewellery that suits your budget. Find something made from gold, silver and even earthy materials like leather.

8. Personalised Mugs

Most of us drink hot beverages at least once a day so it's definitely a useful personalised gift. You can easily find mugs with your loved one’s name from online gift shops. You can also be more creative and get their picture or an inside joke printed on the mug. 

Some other favourites include a titled mug such as the best sister or best dad. If your loved one isn’t a coffee drinker consider getting them a personalized wine tumbler or water bottle. You can also get an insulated travelling mug that they can use to carry their morning coffee.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Personalised Birthday Gifts

Buying a birthday gift shouldn’t be a stressful affair. Choosing personalised birthday gifts based on your loved one’s taste is a fool proof way to buy a gift that will be appreciated for years to come.

Our list of gift ideas should get you on the right path towards finding a great personalized birthday gift. For more gift ideas, check out our personalised birthday collection here.


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